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How teams work

Teams allow you to share and edit content for a site with members of your organization, such as staff and colleagues, who also have an account with ArcGIS Enterprise.

Core teams

A core team is created automatically for all new sites. A site can only have one core team. Core team members can do the following:

  • Edit a site's layout and any pages attached to the site
  • Add pages to a site (either by creating a new page or selecting from a list of existing pages)
  • Upload or select a piece of existing content to contribute something that they already have to the content library
  • Create new content for the site
  • Update sharing controls on items that they own

Teams in ArcGIS Enterprise

A team is a group in your organization's instance of ArcGIS Enterprise. In both ArcGIS Enterprise Sites and ArcGIS Enterprise, team owners (group managers) can carry out administrative tasks, such as sharing content with the group, adding or removing members, and updating the team's summary (team profile). Additional tasks, such as adjusting group settings and visibility and viewing or modifying a team member's user type and role, can only be done in ArcGIS Enterprise.

Shared update groups

Core teams are groups that use the shared update capability. Shared update groups allow group members to update items that are shared with the group. As teams in ArcGIS Enterprise Sites, these groups are labeled as Edit Access in a site's list of teams.