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ArcGIS Maritime

ArcGIS Maritime Server extension is a server object extension (SOE) for ArcGIS Server that provides Maritime Chart Service and Custom Chart Builder (CCB) capabilities.

With ArcGIS Maritime Server extension, you can publish RESTful, OGC WMS (1.3.0), and OGC WMTS web services using S-57 and S-63 encrypted datasets. Supported products that use the latest S-52 presentation library include Additional Military Layers (AML), Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), and Inland ENC (IENC). Using sample Web AppBuilder widgets, you can deploy custom web apps that provide feature identification and query capabilities as well as modify your view of Maritime Chart Service layers with more than 35 S-52-based display parameters, such as display categories, safety contour, and text groups, and visualize your data in more than 5,000 supported EPSG projections.

With CCB, you can use data from Maritime Chart Service and deploy web apps to generate custom, real-time information products at any scale to support various operations, as well as create traditional paper chart products using INT1 symbology and INT2 grids.