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Welcome to the Location Referencing Server installation guide

Available with Location Referencing license.

ArcGIS Location Referencing services are native to ArcGIS Enterprise and require only license authorization. The stand-alone Location Referencing Server installer is no longer necessary.

Location Referencing Server provides tools, services and apps to manage data that is linear referenced. Location Referencing has two deployment patterns: one that uses functionality embedded in ArcGIS Pro and services that are native to ArcGIS Enterprise; and the other that uses ArcMap and requires either the ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing, or ArcGIS Roads and Highways Server extension be installed.

This installation guide is your resource for information on prerequisites, installation, and authorization of your software in 10.8.1 or earlier releases. Location Referencing follows the standard Esri release cycle that includes enhancements and expanded functionality. Major releases are provided through My Esri, while patches are provided on the Esri support site.

Both patterns require the Desktop and Server Location Referencing license features, to enable the functionality.

Location Referencing setup includes the following products:

  • ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing Server—All required Pipeline Referencing services are available in ArcGIS Enterprise. If you publish your LRS services using ArcGIS Pro, you don't need to install ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing Server or ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing Desktop.
  • ArcGIS Roads and Highways Server—If you’re using Roads and Highways in ArcGIS Pro, you can publish your LRS-enabled services with only ArcGIS Enterprise installed. If you're using Roads and Highways in ArcMap, you need to continue to install Roads and Highways Server to publish LRS-enabled services from ArcMap.
  • ArcGIS Event Editor—The Event Editor web app runs with Location Referencing services published from either ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap. The stand-alone installer is available from My Esri and is also included in the Location Referencing Server installer.
  • ArcGIS Roadway Reporter—The Roadway Reporter premium web app is available from the Location Referencing Server installation and requires that ArcGIS Roads and Highways Server is installed on the ArcGIS Server machine.