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What is the ArcGIS Enterprise Builder?

ArcGIS Enterprise Builder provides a simple installation and configuration experience for a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on a single machine.

Once your base deployment is installed and configured, you can start using ArcGIS Enterprise in your organization to create maps, conduct analysis, and share content through a variety of apps. To learn more about sharing workflows, review steps for sharing maps in a web application.

Considerations before using ArcGIS Enterprise Builder

If you require a deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise that differs from what is provided by the ArcGIS Enterprise Builder, you can install and configure the individual software components. Reasons why you would not use the ArcGIS Enterprise Builder are any of the following:

  • Install the software components across multiple machines
  • Greater control over the installation directories and Run As accounts for each component
  • Define the name of the ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS)
  • Use a web server other than IIS.
  • Use a DNS alias.

If any of the above considerations apply, follow tutorial steps in this section rather than using ArcGIS Enterprise Builder.