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Base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment

ArcGIS Enterprise comprises four software components. The minimum setup of ArcGIS Enterprise is called a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment and consists of the following:

  • Portal for ArcGIS, configured as a portal and licensed for user types, user type extensions, and add-on apps.
  • ArcGIS Server, licensed as ArcGIS GIS Server and configured as the hosting server.
  • ArcGIS Data Store, configured as a relational and tile cache data store.
  • Two instances of ArcGIS Web Adaptor, one configured with the portal and one with the hosting server.

You can install the base deployment across one or more machines, any of which can be physical, virtual, or cloud machines. For details about the required machine specifications for the ArcGIS Enterprise components, see the system requirements.

Single-machine deployment

In the all-in-one configuration of the base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, all of the components are installed on a single machine. Use ArcGIS Enterprise Builder to set up a complete base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on a single machine in under an hour.

Base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on a single machine

Multimachine deployment

In a multimachine base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, the software components can be installed on two or more machines. The ArcGIS Chef Cookbooks page on GitHub can help you set up a multimachine deployment using the Chef automation framework.

Base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on multiple machines

Set up a highly available deployment

In a highly available configuration, each ArcGIS Enterprise component is configured with redundancy, to minimize downtime in scenarios in which one or more machines become unavailable. For configuration details, see Configure highly available ArcGIS Enterprise.

Base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment in a highly available configuration

You can make single-machine or multimachine deployments highly available. For help automating the setup of a highly available deployment, see the ArcGIS Chef Cookbooks.

Scale the base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment

As your user base and activity increase, the components of your base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment may need to be scaled out with additional resources.

In particular, the use of spatial analysis tools and ArcGIS Insights are significant consumers of memory and CPU resources on the hosting server site. To provide additional capacity for the hosting server site, add more ArcGIS Server machines to the hosting server site.