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Deploying custom Java function tools

Creating a custom geoprocessing function tool extends the ArcGIS geoprocessing framework by using the ArcObjects components. Custom function tools are created using ArcObjects SDK for Java or ArcObjects .SDK for the Microsoft .NET framework. The custom tool you create can be integrated with ArcGIS to behave in the same manner as out-of-the-box ArcGIS geoprocessing tools. You can open and execute a custom geoprocessing tool from ArcToolbox, use it in script tools or ModelBuilder, and chain it with other geoprocessing tools.

Learn more about creating function tools using ArcObjects SDK for Java.

When sharing a model or script with custom function tools on a server as a geoprocessing service, you must deploy (register) the custom tool to ArcGIS Server. To deploy a custom Java function tool to ArcGIS Server, follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the custom function tool's JAR file to <ArcGIS Server Install Directory>\usr\lib\ext folder.
  2. If you have a clustered server environment, you must deploy the JAR file to every machine participating in the cluster.
  3. Publish the model or script tool that has the custom tool in the same manner as other geoprocessing tools and models from ArcGIS Desktop or through ArcGIS Manager.