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Consume routing services

Once you have published routing services, there are various ways you can use them to perform network analysis over the web.

Consume routing services from out-of-the-box applications

You can consume routing services from out-of-the-box applications, such as ArcGIS Pro and Map Viewer Classic, or you can write your own applications using ArcGIS web APIs and Runtime SDKs that make use of the routing services. ArcGIS Pro uses geoprocessing services for routing.

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Routing services are used in Map Viewer Classic through the analysis tools. The table below lists the analysis tools in Map Viewer Classic and the corresponding geoprocessing service used by each.

Analysis tools in Map Viewer Classic and corresponding geoprocessing service used

Analysis tool Geoprocessing service

Choose Best Facilities

Location Allocation

Create Drive-Time Areas

Service Area

Find Nearest

Closest Facility

Plan Routes

Vehicle Routing Problem

Connect Origins to Destinations


Enrich Layer (when travel mode is used)

Service Area

Summarize Nearby (when travel mode is used)

Service Area

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The Directions widget in Map Viewer Classic uses the Route map service with the network analysis capability.

Learn more about using the Directions widget.


To ensure that ArcGIS Pro Network Analysis gallery, the Directions widget, and the analysis tools in Map Viewer Classic are working correctly with the routing services published to ArcGIS Enterprise, use the publish routing services utility to publish the services.

If you don’t need the full integration of your routing services from ArcGIS Pro Network Analysis gallery or Map Viewer Classic analysis tools, or if you have your own routing workflow that you want to publish as a service, you can publish your own geoprocessing model or script tool that performs network analysis as a web tool. You can still use the web tool in ArcGIS Pro or Map Viewer Classic, but it wouldn’t be used by ArcGIS Pro Network Analyst gallery or the Map Viewer Classic analysis tools. The Get Travel Directions geoprocessing service example illustrates how you can author and publish a geoprocessing script tool as a web tool.

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Consume routing services from APIs and SDKs

In web applications and other desktop scenarios, routing services must be consumed programmatically. ArcGIS developers have many choices of platforms that can work with routing services, such as the ArcGIS web APIs, ArcGIS Runtime SDKs, and REST APIs.

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