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Publishing image services from ArcGIS Pro

What can be published as an image service?

You can publish the following as an image service:

  • Raster dataset
  • Mosaic dataset

Options for publishing depending on your setup

You have the following options for publishing image services depending on your software:

  • I have ArcGIS GIS Server only.

    Use the Catalog pane to publish the service. You can only publish raster datasets.

  • I have ArcGIS GIS Server and ArcGIS Image Server.

    You can use the Catalog pane to publish the service. You can publish raster datasets and mosaic datasets.


    ArcGIS Image Server is also required when publishing a map document containing a mosaic dataset or raster layer using the Mosaic function in its function chain. Without ArcGIS Image Server, the services created from these documents will not contain the mosaic dataset or layer.

Publish an image service

In ArcGIS Pro, you can share selected raster dataset as web imagery layers to ArcGIS Enterprise. The default configuration allows you to view the dataset and its associated metadata. The privilege to publish server-based layers is required to share a web imagery layer. See Web imagery layer for instructions on publishing imagery layer that references registered data.