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Quick-start guide


Ensure you access the version of the help that corresponds with the version of ArcGIS or Amazon Machine Image you intend to use. The Other versions menu above allows you to access other versions of this page.

Deploy ArcGIS Enterprise components

Do the following to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services (AWS):

  1. Create an Amazon account.

    Ensure the account includes access to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and other basic AWS services such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Web Services CloudFormation, Systems Manager, and AWS Certificate Manager.

  2. Deploy ArcGIS Enterprise or an ArcGIS Server site on AWS using one of the following methods:
    • Download ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Amazon Web Services from My Esri. Use the Cloud Builder app or the ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services utility included in this download to prepare and deploy a base ArcGIS Enterprise and (optionally) federated ArcGIS Server sites or stand-alone ArcGIS Server sites.
    • Use the AWS CloudFormation templates provided by Esri to create ArcGIS Enterprise portals, ArcGIS Server sites, and much of the infrastructure needed to deploy them.
    • Deploy from AWS Management Console using an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and install and configure ArcGIS Enterprise software on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) images. This process is similar to installing and configuring ArcGIS Enterprise on machines on-premises.
  3. Move data to AWS.
  4. For ArcGIS Enterprise deployments, configure and customize the portal.
  5. For stand-alone ArcGIS Server sites, configure access to the site.

Test deployments

Once the deployment exists on AWS, you can perform an initial test to ensure components function. Follow the steps appropriate to your deployment type.

Test a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment

Follow these steps to test a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment:

  1. Access the ArcGIS Enterprise portal.

    If you used a CloudFormation template from Esri to create the deployment, use the URL in the CloudFormation output tag to access the portal.

  2. Sign in with the portal initial administrator account credentials.
  3. Publish a feature layer and open it in Map Viewer to confirm the service and layer item were created successfully, which indicates the hosting server, portal, and relational data store are functional.

Test a stand-alone ArcGIS Server site

Follow these steps if you deployed a stand-alone ArcGIS Server site:

  1. In the Catalog pane in an ArcGIS Pro installation on an EC2 instance, connect to the ArcGIS Server site.
  2. Add a small amount of data to the map and publish a test map service to your new site.
  3. Open the Services Directory of the ArcGIS Server site to verify that the service published successfully.