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Change PostgreSQL passwords for ArcGIS Enterprise deployments on AWS

You can change the passwords for the login roles used in your database instances. If you change the password of the login role used in the database connection that is registered with your ArcGIS Server site, you must update the registration.

Follow these steps to change a password:

  1. Connect to the database instance from a SQL client.

    See Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for more information and connection troubleshooting tips.

  2. Use the ALTER ROLE SQL command or functionality within the SQL client you're using to change the password for the owner login role.

    See PostgreSQL documentation for help with ALTER ROLE syntax.

  3. Note:

    If you change the password of the login role in the database connection registered with your ArcGIS Server site on AWS, you must update the registration to use the new password.

    Enterprise geodatabases created using ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services deployment tools use the sde login role in the registered database connection.

  4. Follow the instructions in Register your data with ArcGIS Server using Server Manager to update the password.