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Localization and ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services

The Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) are built on top of AMIs that have the operating system language set to English.

You can optionally change the language of the operating system and install additional language packs to localize ArcGIS. In a multiple-machine site, you would do this on the site server machine. In most cases, you would not need to log in to the additional GIS server instances, so localizing them would be unnecessary.

Install additional operating system languages

If the operating system language you want to use is not included on the ArcGIS Enterprise Microsoft Windows AMI, you can download and install the language pack from Microsoft.

Install ArcGIS language packs

ArcGIS language packs are available for ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Pro shortly after the initial product release in English. You can apply these language packs to view the interface in languages other than English. Available languages vary by component.

The Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Data Store installations include language-specific resources that allow you to localize the portal website interface and the ArcGIS Data Store Configuration wizard, respectively; you do not need to install an additional language pack for these interfaces. However, language packs are available that allow you to view the Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Data Store help in languages other than English. See Localize Portal for ArcGIS and Localize ArcGIS Data Store to see which languages are available.

You can download these language packs onto your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance from My Esri.

Change the operating system language

Once your language packs are installed for ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Pro, change the language of the operating system. If you need instructions, see the documentation from your operating system provider.

Language displayed by each software component

ArcGIS Server Manager and the Services Directory use the language set for your web browser. After you install the language pack for ArcGIS Server and change the operating system language, set the language for your browser.

After Portal for ArcGIS is installed, the portal administrator configures the language for the portal website. However, individual members of the organization can customize their profiles to display the portal website in the language of their choosing.

ArcGIS Data Store Configuration wizard uses the language set for your web browser.

After installing a language pack, ArcGIS Pro honors the display language you set for the operating system.

The ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Amazon Web Services app is only available in English at this time.