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Upgrade a relational data store on AWS

How you upgrade depends on how and when you created the ArcGIS Data Store relational data store on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Before you upgrade

No matter which upgrade method you use, review the following information before you upgrade your deployment:

  • Create a backup of the data store.
    • To create a backup of the data store only, use the upgradedatastore utility installed with ArcGIS Data Store. See Manage data store backups for instructions.
    • To create a backup of the base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment (which includes the relational data store), use the webgisdr utility installed with Portal for ArcGIS. See ArcGIS Enterprise backups for more information.
  • You must upgrade the ArcGIS GIS Server site (the hosting server) with which the relational data store is registered before you upgrade the relational data store.

Upgrade using manual upgrade procedures

The manual upgrade procedure for ArcGIS Data Store on its own EC2 instance or instances on AWS is similar to upgrading ArcGIS Data Store on-premises. Therefore, follow instructions in the ArcGIS Data Store installation guide to upgrade. Read the instructions specific to the operating system on your EC2 instances:

Upgrade using a CloudFormation template

If you created the relational data store on its own EC2 instance or instances using 10.9 or 10.9.1 Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFormation templates provided by Esri, you can use the corresponding 11.0 CloudFormation upgrade template to upgrade it.

The following table lists corresponding deployment and upgrade templates and provides links to instructions for using the upgrade templates.

10.9 or 10.9.1 deployment template11.0 upgrade templateInstructions to use upgrade template



Upgrade a single-machine ArcGIS Data Store using CloudFormation



Upgrade a primary-standby ArcGIS Data Store deployment using CloudFormation