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What's new in ArcGIS Server 11.1

For a list of issues that were fixed at 11.1, see the 11.1 Issues Addressed List.

Before upgrading to ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1, review considerations for upgrades.

Review the deprecation notice to determine whether your hardware and software components are compatible with version 11.1 and to see a list of functionality that has been deprecated.

New features and requirements in 11.1 are described in the following sections.

ArcMapServiceCheck tool

When you upgrade from ArcGIS Server from 10.9.1 to 11.0 or later, the upgrade process automatically migrates any ArcMap-runtime-based map, image, and geodata services to use the ArcGIS Pro runtime. After the ArcGIS Server site has been upgraded to 11.1, use the ArcMapServiceCheck tool to generate an HTML report that provides details on the status of services using the ArcMap runtime that existed prior to the upgrade process. The report provides information on the services that were successfully migrated and the services that require additional steps to use the ArcGIS Pro service runtime.

For more information, see Check services with ArcMapServiceCheck.

Changes in database support

Starting with 11.1, the ST_Geometry files used with Oracle and PostgreSQL are not installed with ArcGIS Server. To access these files, download them from My Esri.

The following database management system versions are no longer supported:

  • Oracle 12c R1 and R2
  • PostgreSQL 10
  • SAP HANA 1.0
  • Teradata Vantage 16.20

Other ArcGIS Enterprise components

See the following to find out what's new in specific ArcGIS Server roles, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Data Store, and the ArcGIS REST API Services Directory: