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Share services with your ArcGIS organization

You can share ArcGIS Server services that you own as items with your ArcGIS organization, whether it is ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. The item references the service URL and provides basic metadata about the services. Adding your services to your organization helps others discover, consume, and share your services.

Sharing services is more common with ArcGIS Online than with ArcGIS Enterprise.

You can connect ArcGIS Server Manager to your ArcGIS organization. Once you do this, you'll see additional sharing options at the time you publish or edit a service. These options allow you to add the service as an item in your ArcGIS organization. For full instructions, see Share a service with your ArcGIS organization using Manager.


When you add your service as an item, the metadata you've entered for the service, for example, summary, description, and tags, is appended to the item. The quality of metadata is directly tied to the quality of search results, so make sure you've added good metadata to any item before you publish it. For more information, see Metadata for services.