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Connecting Manager to your ArcGIS organization

You can connect ArcGIS Server Manager to your ArcGIS organization, whether the back end is ArcGIS Online or your own ArcGIS Enterprise portal. Once you do this, you'll see additional sharing options at the time you publish or edit a service. These options allow you to add the service as an item in your organization.

If you've federated a server with your organization, Manager is already connected to the organization and your services will automatically be shared with the organization when you publish. You cannot use the instructions below to connect Manager to any other server.


You can only connect Manager to your ArcGIS organization if the organization is configured with a built-in identity store. Organizations configured with an organization-specific identity store, such as Windows Active Directory or Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), cannot be connected to from Manager.

Follow these instructions to connect Manager to your ArcGIS organization:

  1. Log in to Manager and click Services; then click Sharing.
  2. Click the Edit Edit button.
  3. Supply the Portal URL by typing the URL of the organization on which you'll be sharing your services. For ArcGIS Online, leave the default of If your connecting to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal, the URL will be formatted For example, when entering the portal URL, if the machine hosting the Web Adaptor is named wa with the domain and your Web Adaptor is named gis, the URL is
  4. Select or enter the Service URL that will be advertised for your service once you share it as an item. The default URL listed will vary; if you have configured the Web Adaptor with your ArcGIS Server site, the Web Adaptor URL is listed. If your site is not connected to a Web Adaptor, the local URL to your site is listed. Optionally, you can enter your own URL in the Service URL drop-down dialog box.

    If you are sharing services on an Internet-facing organization such as ArcGIS Online, make sure you select or enter a URL that is exposed to web users.

  5. Click Save.

    Now you will provide your credentials for your organization.

  6. Click Sign In and supply a user name and password of an account that has permissions to add items to your organization. Click OK.

When you publish a service in Manager, you'll now see an extra check box option to Share service as item, followed by more options of which groups will have access to the item.

Additionally, each existing service in the Manager's service gallery will have a Sharing icon, where you can choose to share the item and supply the list of allowed groups.

Manager does not store your credentials; therefore, you need to repeat the above steps whenever you log in to Manager.