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Delete a service

Using Manager, you can quickly delete a service running on ArcGIS Server. When you delete a service, any client application using the service will no longer be able to access it.

If you delete a cached service, the cache tiles, tiling scheme, and folder structure are retained on disk. To delete the cache completely, use the Delete Map Server Cache tool. To delete the tiles but leave the cache folder structure and tiling scheme, use the Manage Map Server Cache Tiles tool and set Update Mode to Delete_Tiles.

To delete a service from ArcGIS Server using Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Open ArcGIS Server Manager and log in.

    If you need help with this step, see Log in to Manager.

  2. Click Services > Manage Services.
  3. Locate your service in the Services module. If your service resides in a folder, open that folder.
  4. Click Delete.

    The service is deleted from your ArcGIS Server site.