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Install ArcGIS Web Adaptor silently

ArcGIS Web Adaptor can be installed by running the setup using Windows Installer command line parameters as described below. Alternatively, you can install from the user interface using Setup.exe.

Installation requirements

  • The version of ArcGIS Web Adaptor must match the version of your server site or portal.
  • ArcGIS Web Adaptor can be installed side by side with other versions. You are not required to uninstall ArcGIS Web Adaptor unless you are upgrading to a newer version.
  • Each ArcGIS Web Adaptor must have its own unique name; you cannot have two Web Adaptors with the same name on a single web server. If a naming conflict is detected during the installation, a warning message appears. You must uninstall the earlier version with the same name to resolve the conflict. Alternatively, you can change the name of one of the Web Adaptors to proceed with the installation.
  • Manually enable IIS and the required components.

    To successfully install and configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor, you must enable IIS and the required components before installing the prerequisites specified in the next step.

  • Install the following prerequisites on the machine where ArcGIS Web Adaptor will be installed:

    You must install the ASP.NET Core Runtime - Windows Hosting Bundle, which includes the .NET Runtime and IIS support.


    If you installed the ASP.NET Core Runtime - Windows Hosting Bundle before enabling IIS and the required components, you must repair the bundle installation using the bundle installer.

Command line parameters for specifying the website and name for ArcGIS Web Adaptor

The following command lines are used for configuring IIS. If these command line parameters are not invoked during a silent installation, the ArcGIS Web Adaptor web application is created under the default website with the default name of arcgis.


    This property is required to accept the End User License Agreement during a silent installation. Specify yes to agree to the EULA and install the software. Specifying no or omitting this property will result in a failed installation. The download contains a PDF version of the End User License Agreement (EULA). The EULA.pdf file is located in the \Documentation folder.

  • WEBSITE_ID=<numeric value of website>

    The WEBSITE_ID parameter is used to specify the website where the ArcGIS Web Adaptor web application will be created. The value for WEBSITE_ID is a number specific to each website on your server and assigned by IIS. The IDs for the websites on your server can be found in IIS Manager. The default website has a website ID of 1. By default, the WEBSITE_ID parameter is set to the default website (even if multiple websites exist). The parameter WEBSITE_ID is case sensitive.

  • PORT=<port number>

    Additionally, if you have a website with multiple ports, use the PORT parameter to install to the specified port of the WEBSITE_ID.

    For example, the path is <path to ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS) setup download>\setup.exe /qb VDIRNAME=arcgis_external WEBSITE_ID=4059640 PORT=82.

  • VDIRNAME=<name of ArcGIS Web Adaptor>

    This command line parameter is optional. By default, the VDIRNAME property is set to arcgis. If you do not invoke the VDIRNAME parameter in your command line, the Web Adaptor is created as arcgis. The VDIRNAME parameter is case sensitive. The Web Adaptor name cannot contain spaces.

    For example, the path is <path to ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS) setup download>\setup.exe /qb ACCEPTEULA=yes VDIRNAME=arcgis_external WEBSITE_ID=4059640.


    This optional parameter will allow the setup program to silently configure and install all missing Microsoft IIS components required by ArcGIS Web Adaptor.