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What's new for ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2 on Amazon Web Services

The 11.2 release of ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services (AWS) adds support for ArcGIS Knowledge Server sites and ArcGIS Data Store graph stores, and provides CloudFormation templates to upgrade ArcGIS Workflow Manager sites.

Changes to ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Amazon Web Services

Cloud Builder 11.2 supports the following new workflows:

New or updated CloudFormation templates

The following new and altered CloudFormation templates are provided by Esri with the 11.2 release:

Changes in versions and support

  • ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Amazon Web Services tools support the new Israel AWS region.
  • Changes in ArcGIS Notebook Server require you to move the site's workspace directory before you upgrade a single-machine Notebook Server site.
  • See the latest deprecation notice to determine whether your hardware and software components are compatible with ArcGIS 11.2 and to see a list of deprecated functionality.

Issues addressed

For information on bug fixes, see the 11.2 Issues Addressed List.