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Configure ArcGIS Notebook Server in advanced scenarios

ArcGIS Enterprise can be deployed on machines that have multiple network interface controller (NIC) cards or DNS entries (also called records) in a DNS name server. If you installed ArcGIS Notebook Server on a machine that contains more than one NIC card or multiple entries in a DNS name server, you must identify the IP address or host name the server should use for network communication. This is done by adding a file to the installation directory for each machine in the site.


Perform these steps immediately after installing ArcGIS Notebook Server and prior to creating the new server site.

  1. Sign in to the machine where ArcGIS Notebook Server is installed. Browse to the <Notebook Server installation directory>/framework/etc folder. Create a file named with appropriate permissions in this folder.
  2. Add the following text to the first line of the file, and specify the fully qualified domain name of the intended interface: For example, if you have a machine with two NIC cards or DNS entries (1 and 2), these interfaces' domain names resolve to and If you want ArcGIS Notebook Server to use the second interface for network communication, add the following text to the file:

    In some cases, such as when a host name is the same for multiple interfaces, you should instead specify the IP address of the interface you want ArcGIS Notebook Server to use for network communication. The syntax is hostname=<IP address>.

  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Restart ArcGIS Notebook Server using the and commands. Repeat with any other machines in your ArcGIS Notebook Server site.

If necessary, complete the steps to configure the following ArcGIS Enterprise software components on machines with multiple NIC cards or DNS entries:

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