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What's new

ArcGIS Enterprise includes the following updates as part of the ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 release:

  • Improved content management workflows enable non-GIS users who are part of a core team to add content to a site without needing to navigate within ArcGIS Enterprise. These new workflows include the ability upload content using a URL and by selecting existing items. For more information, see add content to a site.
  • The Sites Overview page now includes a side panel for accessing recent content more quickly.
  • You can apply advanced class names to rows for CSS targeting in custom rules. You can also apply `<video>` tags in any custom HTML.
  • Sites settings now includes the ability to enable information banners in the Sites application.
  • Improvements to the gallery card and category card include more options for choosing what content you display on your sites and pages. The gallery card now updates automatically based on modifications made to your site's content library. You can also select additional groups of items to display using this card. Both the gallery and category cards now support multiple tags and collections, as well.
  • Pages added to your site are now listed in alphabetical order for easier navigation.
  • The JSAPI version has been upgraded to 4.14+ to get clustering on maps​.
  • The option to reorganize, rename, and hide search collections provides greater flexibility in how your site's content is organized on its search page.
  • You can now clone sites and pages to create additional versions of a layout.