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Clean views

When items are deleted or removed from the tree view in ArcGIS Monitor Administrator, they may not update automatically.

Perform the following steps to use Clean Views to refresh (clean) the tree view:


Clean Views only refreshes the tree view and does not update custom reports. Custom reports need to be updated manually if there are references to deleted items.

  1. Start Monitor Administrator.

    The Connections view appears.

  2. Click Open on the Monitor Server connection that you want to clean.

    The collection pane appears.

  3. Expand the collection that contains the monitor service with the view you want to clean.
  4. Click the monitor service in the tree view to choose it.
  5. Right-click the monitor service and choose Clean Views.

    You can also clean views at the collection level to refresh the tree view for all monitor services in a collection. This may be required if extensions are not refreshed after cleaning views at the monitor service level.

  6. Click the File menu and click Close.

    When you click Site > Catalog in ArcGIS Monitor Server, the Collection Status view is blank until it's updated during the next collection cycle.