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Import extensions

ArcGIS Monitor extensions are custom counters that allow you to monitor Esri software and solutions and can be downloaded from the ArcGIS Monitor gallery site. Complete these steps to import an ArcGIS Monitor extension:


ArcGIS Monitor extensions published on the ArcGIS Monitor gallery site are sample code extensions that are not included with ArcGIS Monitor and are not supported by Esri technical support. These sample code extensions are subject to and governed by the terms of the Master Agreement applicable to samples.

  1. Start Monitor Administrator.

    The Connections view appears.

  2. Click the File menu and click Import Extension.

    The Import Extension File dialog box appears.

  3. Browse to and choose an extension .zip file and click Open.
  4. Restart ArcGIS Monitor Administrator.
  5. Refer to the PDF included with the extension or task to add and configure it in Monitor Administrator.

Now you can configure alerts. You can also view and analyze counter status and metrics in the ArcGIS Monitor Server application by clicking Categories and choosing the appropriate report.