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Import existing monitor services

ArcGIS Monitor Administrator allows you to import existing monitor services and their counters. Complete these steps to import a monitor service and its counters from a .cpj file:

  1. Start Monitor Administrator.

    The Connections view appears.

  2. Click Open on the Monitor Server application connection for which you want to import an existing monitor service.

    The collection pane appears.

  3. Click the collection in the tree view for which you want to import an existing monitor service.
  4. Right-click the collection and click Import Monitor Service.
  5. Browse to the <Installation location>\ArcGIS Monitor\Administrator\resources\app\collector\defs directory and choose the .cpj file for the monitor service you want to import.

    To find the name of the monitor service for a .cpj file, open the file in a text editor. The service name is the name parameter located at the top of the file.

  6. Click Open.

    The monitor service and counters are added to the collection and appear in the tree view.

  7. Click the imported monitor service in the tree view to choose it.
  8. Type a name for the monitor service in the Name text box.
  9. Click File and click Save.
  10. Right-click the monitor service and click Create Monitor Service.
  11. Start the Windows Services manager and verify that the monitor service was created and is running.
  12. Update monitor service credentials as necessary.
  13. Expand each counter type under the imported monitor service in the tree view.
  14. Click a counter under a counter type to choose it.

    The Config tab appears.

  15. Click Test to test the imported counter.

    The test results are displayed below the Test button.

  16. Click Save if the test was successful.
  17. Repeat steps 14 through 16 for each remaining counter.