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Troubleshoot database problems

The following sections describe how to solve common database problems.

Database query errors

If you’re having issues with database queries, consider the following:

  • Confirm that the syntax query is valid by reviewing the key values.
  • Check for spaces in the key values.

If the query is for a database, test the SQL query directly using a tool such as SQL Plus for Oracle or SQL Server Management Studio to determine if the query returns a valid number value.

MongoDB problems

If the Mongo process is not running, complete the following steps to try to resolve the issue:

  1. Start a command prompt and run the following command to determine if the MongoDB port number is being used by another application.
    netstat -ano
  2. Open the config.db file in ArcGIS Monitor Administrator and confirm that the path to mongod.exe is correct.
    1. Start ArcGIS Monitor Administrator.

      The Connections view appears.

    2. Click the File menu and click Open.

      The Open File dialog box appears.

    3. Browse to the <Installation location>\ArcGIS Monitor\Server\settings directory on the machine where the ArcGIS Monitor Administrator application is installed, click config.db, and click Open.
    4. Click Mongo on the menu bar and update the Path to mongod.exe field as necessary.
  3. Check the mongo.log file for errors.
    1. Start a command prompt as an administrator on the machine where the ArcGIS Monitor Server application is installed.
    2. Change directories to <Installation location>\ArcGIS Monitor\Support.
    3. Type the following command in the command prompt:
    4. Start Windows File Explorer and browse to <Installation location>\ArcGIS Monitor\Support\Support_<Number>\MongoDB.
    5. Open mongo.log in a text editor and refer to the MongoDB documentation for information on reviewing the log messages.