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Frequently asked upgrading questions

Common software upgrade questions

This section addresses common questions about the upgrade behavior of ArcGIS Server 11.3. Before upgrading, carefully review the following information:

Can I upgrade directly to ArcGIS Server 11.3?

Yes; however, the minimum version requirement to do so is 10.7 and later. For example, if you have version 10.7.1 installed, running the 11.3 setup will automatically upgrade it to 11.3. There is no need to obtain and install each released version to upgrade to 11.3.

Do I need to reauthorize when upgrading to 11.3?

If you are upgrading to 11.3, you need to reauthorize your software with a new authorization file for 11.3. You can access your new authorization files in My Esri.

Do I need to uninstall an earlier version of ArcGIS Server before installing ArcGIS Server 11.3?

No. If you have an earlier version of ArcGIS Server installed (10.7 or later), the setup will automatically upgrade it to ArcGIS Server 11.3 without additional configuration. Additionally, you can install ArcGIS Server 11.3 on its own without having an earlier version of the software installed on your machine.

Do the ArcGIS Web Adaptor and ArcGIS Server component versions need to be in sync?

Yes. You cannot configure an earlier version of ArcGIS Web Adaptor to work with an ArcGIS Server 11.3 site. The ArcGIS Web Adaptor version must always match the version of the ArcGIS Server site. You must install ArcGIS 11.3 Web Adaptor at the same time you upgrade your ArcGIS Server machines.

For full instructions, see the applicable ArcGIS Web Adaptor help topic:

What is the order for upgrading my base deployment components to 11.3?

Whether you are performing a direct upgrade or uninstalling the previous version and installing the newer software, the recommended order to upgrade your base deployment is the following:

  1. Portal for ArcGIS
  2. ArcGIS Web Adaptor (for Portal for ArcGIS)
  3. ArcGIS Server
  4. ArcGIS Web Adaptor (for ArcGIS Server)
  5. ArcGIS Data Store

Do I need to back up anything before installing ArcGIS Server 11.3?

All of your services, site information, and security settings are preserved when upgrading to ArcGIS Server. However, it's recommended that you back up your data before installing the software.


If the server you're upgrading is connected to an Active Directory deployment that includes multiple domain controllers, but not all domain controllers are configured as global catalog servers, you'll need to manually specify the domain controller used by ArcGIS Server after performing the installation. For full instructions, see Configure the domain controller used by ArcGIS Server.

If my server is federated, do I need to upgrade it when upgrading my base deployment?

For your base deployment to function correctly, each component within it needs to be the same version.

When upgrading by individual software components, ensure that the version of the portal matches the versions of any GeoAnalytics Server sites, Raster Analytics sites, and Image Hosting sites. To learn about the exceptions that support a federated server site at a prior version to the portal, see Federate an ArcGIS Server with your portal.

If the ArcGIS Server site you've federated includes multiple machines, upgrade your ArcGIS Server machines sequentially.

If I've federated my server, should I unfederate it before upgrading?

No. Do not unfederate when you upgrade your base deployment. Doing so will adversely impact the items in your organization. For example, when you unfederate, all hosted service items remain, but they are disconnected from their services in ArcGIS Server. This means that members will not be able to access, share, or use these services in the organization. Additionally, any existing ArcGIS Server services that were imported during the federation process are removed from the organization and are no longer available.

Do I need to stop my GIS services and ArcGIS Server before installing ArcGIS Server 11.3?

If you have not already stopped ArcGIS Server, the setup will do it for you at the appropriate point in the installation.

In a multiple-machine site, can some of my ArcGIS Server machines run 11.3 and others run an earlier version?

No. For your site to function correctly, all ArcGIS Server machines must be at the same update version. You can upgrade your ArcGIS Server machines at the same time or sequentially. If you have ArcGIS Web Adaptor configured with your ArcGIS Server site, you also need to update the web adaptor to the same update version.

When upgrading, what password do I designate for the ArcGIS Server account?

When you begin the 11.3 setup, a panel appears requesting the username and password of the ArcGIS Server account. This is the account you defined when installing the software. If the account has changed since you installed the earlier version, for example, by using the configure ArcGIS Server account utility, you'll need to enter the username and password you designated when modifying the account.

I can't sign in to Server Manager after installing ArcGIS Server 11.3. What do I do?

If you are experiencing issues signing in to Server Manager after installing the latest software update, you may need to clear your browser's cache to sign in. This is typically due to residual information from the previous version of Server Manager being cached in the browser. Before clearing your browser's cache, be sure you are attempting to sign in with an account that has administrative privileges to your site.

I don't see new features in Server Manager after upgrading to ArcGIS Server 11.3. What's going on?

If you notice that new features in Server Manager are not displaying in your browser after upgrading to 11.3, clear your browser's cache. Once you clear the cache, you'll see new features in Server Manager.

What else do I need to consider before upgrading ArcGIS Server?