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Deploy using AWS CloudFormation templates from the AWS Management Console

You can use the following Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFormation templates provided by Esri to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Server sites.

You can use the AWS Management Console to launch CloudFormation templates as described below or use AWS SDK.

Prerequisites are described for each template. The prerequisites must be met before you launch the stack.

Follow these steps to use the CloudFormation service in AWS Management Console with Esri CloudFormation templates.

  1. Familiarize yourself with each template using the links at the top of this page.

    Each template page contains a link to access the Esri CloudFormation template and save it to your local machine.

  2. Open the template and review it before you launch the stack to be sure you have all the information you need for the properties in the template's Parameters object.

    Each template has prerequisites that must be met before launching the stack. These prerequisites are documented in the pages listed at the top of this page.

  3. Once the prerequisites have been met and you have the information for the template, sign in to AWS Management Console using your Amazon account and open the CloudFormation service.
  4. Create stack with a new resource and provide the necessary information for the template.

    See AWS documentation for instructions on using the CloudFormation service and templates.

When the stack launches, you can use the URL or URLs in the output to access the deployment.