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00157: The published layer's data source will be PostgreSQL and the layer uses field names that are not lower case used in <value>

You are publishing a map services with either Feature Access (feature service) or WFS capabilities where the service layer's data source will be a PostgreSQL geodatabase and the layer uses field name that are not lowercased in the following:

  • A definition query
  • A label expression
  • Both a definition query and a label expression

The area affected is indicated by the <value> parameter.


Change your expression such that all field names use lowercase. For example, change [MyField] > 100 to [myfield] > 100.


If you are changing label expressions, make sure you change expressions for all appropriate label classes.

More information

Field names are always lowercase in PostgreSQL geodatabases. Definition queries and label expressions must use lowercase field names if they are to work with PostgreSQL geodatabases.

Learn more about geodatabases in PostgreSQL

Definition queries are used to display a subset of features in a layer.

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Label expressions are used to customize the text string of your labels.

Learn more about label expressions

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