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00164: Enabled Feature Access capabilities <value> do not match standalone table user privileges <value>

The user publishing the service does not have the necessary database privileges for the operations enabled for the service. These operations include the following:

  • Create
  • Delete
  • Update

This can occur when publishing to an ArcGIS Server where the database is registered with the ArcGIS Server and the server database connection is the same as the publisher database connection.


  • Change the privileges to the publisher's user profile. You can do this using the Change Privileges geoprocessing tool.
  • Alternatively, disable any of the editing operations for the published service that do not match the privilege profile for the publisher by navigating to the Feature Access tab of the Service Editor dialog box and unchecking the appropriate operations.

More information

The operations enabled for the service need to match the privileges of the user publishing the service.

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