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10044: Layer's data source is a linear referencing event table

Your layer's data source is a linear referencing event table, which can introduce performance issues.


Check the drawing performance for your layer or basemap layer in ArcMap. If you are publishing, check the drawing performance for your service in the Preview window.

  • If you see the need to make changes, convert your linear referencing event table to a file geodatabase or enterprise geodatabase. See Migrating to the file geodatabase for more information.

More information

Linear referencing is the method of storing geographic locations by using relative positions along a measured linear route feature. Drawing data sourced via linear referencing incurs the cost of looking up measures and matching them with values on the route. The dynamic nature of this lookup can be powerful if the data is updated frequently, but it may not perform well enough in other situations. Consider the application in which you are using the linear referencing event table along with the drawing performance before continuing to use it. If possible, extract the data to a feature class and update as needed to provide the best performance.