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24055: On demand caching is enabled. The defined caching scales are out of mosaic dataset visible range. Blank tiles will be generated at those scales.

The resolutions corresponding to minimum or maximum cached scale is more than the maximum source cell size. You will encounter this warning message when:

  • A mosaic dataset is being published as an image service and
  • On demand caching is enabled.


Redefine the caching scales so that the scales are within the visible range of the mosaic dataset.

  • Right-click the message and click Show Advanced Cache Settings Page.
  • Redefine the minimum and maximum cached scales so that the resolution corresponding to min and max scales is less than the value in the Maximum Source Cell Size field.

Once you address the issue, click the Analyze button on the Service Editor dialog box to reanalyze the service.

More Information

When publishing a mosaic dataset as an image service, the mosaic dataset will be analyzed. This analysis is performed at a higher level and will compare the resolution corresponding to minimum and maximum cache scales to the maximum visible cell size of the mosaic dataset.

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If you do not redefine the scales, blank tiles will be generated.