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20012: Layer supports time data

A layer in your Basemap Layer has the Enable time on this layer option checked. In ArcMap, this allows the layer to display features based on temporal data stored in the feature class. Temporal data is not used when these time-enabled layers are contained in a basemap layer. This warning is to advise you that your time-enabled data will display differently than it did in ArcMap and will not respond to changes in the time slider.


  • Do nothing. The temporal data will not be used in basemap layer rendering.
  • Alternatively, you can disable time on the affected layer. To do this, uncheck the Enable time on this layer option on the Time tab of the Layer Properties dialog box.

More information

Temporal data can be visualized in ArcGIS by enabling the data for time analysis. This will allow ArcMap to draw the content differently based on the current time being visualized in the map. Since basemap layers use a cache to increase drawing performance, the basemap layer cannot react to time changes in time in the data frame.