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10030: Layer's data source is ArcSDE not accessed via a direct connection

Your layer is in an enterprise geodatabase, which you are connecting to using an ArcSDE application server running on a separate machine. Performance and scalability of your services are typically much better when you connect directly to your enterprise geodatabase.


Check the drawing performance for your layer or basemap layer in ArcMap. If you are publishing, check the drawing performance for your service in the Preview window.

Learn more about working with basemap layers or previewing your service

  • If you want to improve performance, use a direct connection to the geodatabase rather than an ArcSDE application server connection. This typically involves working with your database administrator to implement these changes. Note that you can only use direct connections to ArcGIS 10.3 and newer release geodatabases.

    Also note that if your application uses an ArcGIS 10.2.2 or older release geodatabase and warrants the use of an ArcSDE application server configuration, you can choose to mark this warning as an exception to avoid receiving the warning next time you analyze the document. Beware that the resulting map or globe may draw more slowly.

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