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30003: Layer draws at all scale ranges

Your map layer does not use scale-dependent drawing, which may result in poor performance. Some map layers that contain a large number of features should be drawn only at appropriate map scales. One example would be displaying all electrical facilities at a large citywide extent. In this case, limiting the display of electrical features to specific large map scales will perform better because fewer features are drawn at the citywide extent. By setting a scale dependency, your detailed features will not turn on the map display until you zoom to smaller areas.


  • Set scale-dependent drawing for your map layers. See Displaying layers at certain scales for more information.
  • Alternatively, you can design a group layer to display varying amounts of information at each map scale.

More information

You'll often want to set scale-dependent label drawing for your map layers to better handle these situations. For example, as you zoom out on your map, it may be difficult to see the more detailed information. Or, as you zoom in, information may be too coarse.

In these cases, applying scale dependency to map layers can result in better drawing performance as well as presentation clarity, which is achieved by drawing only what is appropriate at each map scale and applying effective symbols and labels for each scale.

Setting scale-dependent map layers

For a general overview and design ideas about the use of multiple scales in online mapping applications, see How to build online basemaps and Building operational map layers.